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Circuit Training

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2.This muscle groups is worked when you perform a "Scull Crusher"
4.The Chest Press (Bench Press) works this muscle group
7.Bicep Curls work this muscle
9.a consecutive number of repetitions of an exercise in a row
11.Percentage of body weight that is fat or muscle.
12.We are using these types of weights in our circuit training unit.
14.We use this piece of equipment to help us improve cardiovascular endurance
17.refers to the number of seconds you lift a weight and lower the weight
18.ability to exercise continuously for 20 minutes or more.
19.refers to the amount of time between your sets
20.Upright Row works this muscle group
1.ability to stretch the muscles and tendons in order to move joints
3.is a single completion of one exercise.
5.Founder of Circuit Training
6.Lateral Raises work this muscle group
8.This muscle group is worked when you do Crunches
10.Amount of force or weight a muscle can push, pull, or lift
13.ability of the muscle to withstand longer periods of exercise or work
15.This muscle is worked when you do a Squat
16.This exercise helps work the quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes

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