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Blues Music

Miss C Heath

1 2 3 4    
  11     12         13  

3.A repeated music phrase
5.What kind of instrument can be played without electricity?
6.A string instrument, typically with 6 strings that is used commonly in blues music
9.Where did the blues originate?
10.The number of bars in a blues chord progression
11.A technique where a slide is used when playing guitar to make it sound more vocal
14.The number of beats in a bar
1.What lyrical structure does the blues use?
2.Primitive instruments like these were used by slaves (because they had no instruments)
4.To create music on the spot
7.Songs used by slaves that helped them to work, and formed the basis for blues music
8.A string instrument, typically with 4 strings that is used commonly in blues music
12.A chord with three notes
13.Two or more notes played at once

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