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The Dynamic Earth

J. Dollar

1 2   3                     4
  5                 6 7  
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  31                 32          

2.The layer under the lithosphere that has a property of plasticity.
5.These form when plates collide.
8.The layer divided into the ionosphere and exosphere.
10.The structural layer of the Earth that is made of the crust and upper mantle.
11.put into the atmoshpere by volcanoes and can cause the Earth temperature to drop.
13.This is where earthquakes usually take place. (2 Words)
15.What is the core made of? (3 Words)
16.The part of the core that is solid. (2 Words)
17.The layer where the ozone is located.
20.The transfer of energy by heated air currents.
21.________ holds the atmosphere to the Earth.
24.The solid part of the Earth.
25.The layer closest to the surface where most weather happens.
26.The part of the core that is liquid (2 Words)
29.Kind of current made of very dense, cold water.
30.The layer that causes the Northern Lights.
31.The narrow layer around the Earth life can exist in.
32.Layer beneath the crust.
1.Outer layer of the Earth.
3.The rigid outermost layer of the Earth is divided into these. (2 Words)
4.The process in which gases trap heat near the Earth, this is a natural process. (2 Words)
6.The two major causes of erosion. (3 Words)
7.The transfer of energy across space.
9.Kind of current that is formed from wind.
12.The level of this is what make sea water different from fresh water.
14.The percent of the Earth covered by water.
18.The layer of gases that surrounds the Earth.
19.The process in which liquid water is heat and becomes water vapor, a gas.
22.The continuous movement of water into the air, onto the land, and then back. (2 Words)
23.The coldest layer of the atmosphere, meteorites burn here.
27.The innermost layer of the Earth.
28.The removal and transport of surface material .

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