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3.A straight ladder must extend three ______ past the roof or platform line.
4.When climbing ladders, always face the ________.
7.Ladders should be inspected every _____ months for defects.
8.Because you should weigh _____-five lbs less then what the ladder is rated for, a 260 lbs person should use a 300 lbs rated ladder.
10.You are required to inspect ladders _________ they are used.
11.Most ladders allow _____ climber at a time.
13.Before using an extension ladder always check the ________ devices.
14.A _______ ladder can not be used while leaning against a wall.
1.Never use _______ ladders while working on electrical equipment or around electrical lines.
2.A damaged ladder should be tagged and removed __________ for repair or disposal.
5._______ and bulky objects shoule not be carried up a ladder.
6.Ladders must be set up on a flat and _______ surface.
8.When climbing, always use the ________ point contact.
9.The base of a ladder should be placed so that it is one foot away from the structure for every ______ feet of height to where the ladder rests against the building.
12.A ladder whose top support is 20 feet high should be _____ feet from the building ?

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