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Music History 101

Mrs. Jurado

2         3           4
5         6              
  9         10                
12                           13 14              
15                   16                      
17                               18    
      19         20
  22   23              
  25                         26  
27 28            
    31                   32        

2.after the 1970's these were used as keyboard instruments
5.was killed in a plane crash during the 1950's with Richie Valens/Big Bopper
7.this means that it is not planned, made up on the spot
8.a simple song with a romantic message
9.king of rock and roll
12.another style that emereged in the sixties
14.greatest influence on the music and dance of Vietnam
15.another name for soundboard
16.this type of dancing comes from the African martial arts
17.king of pop
18.reciting rhymes to the beat of music
19.form of American music
21.contributes to music and dance of India
23.combination of many styles ie David Bowie
25.music of Peru is influenced by Spanish and this
29.combination of folk music and rock music
30.her name means silly or crazy
31.combination of blues and rock
32.rap is called this or MC
33.usually considered the music of the 1950's
1.this form of music comes from Jamaica
3.goal of the rapper is to be this
4.a slow and quieter form of music
6.influences the music of the Indians of Ecuador
10.combines rock with classical or jazz
11.this person controls the turntables
13.this term means independent
17.compares two unlike objects "the lake was a smooth river"
18.wanted their rhymes to be unique
20.NYC and London influenced this type of music
22.another name for record player
23.words are often painted using fancy characters: Greek word for write
24.alternative rock such as Nirvana,Pearl Jam
26.this person brought rap the NYC. Real name is Clive Campbell
27.this culture influenced folk music on Canary Islands
28.music and dance in Mexico reflect this ancestry

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