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#104.02 Structural Training Fires

Fort Osage G.O.G. Review

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1.No additional combustible or smoke generating substance other than ____ pallets will be added to any structure
4.To reinforce safety procedures, a protective clothing and equipment inspection shall be conducted on all Fire Recruits immediately prior to their engaging in suppression _____
8.Command is responsible for establishing _____ communications with each sector involved in the drill
11.Fire set prepared: No flammable or combustible liquids, contaminated materials. Must be class A materials or a _____ prop
12._____ operating at the drill will continuously monitor the assigned radio channel
14.To reduce risk, and assist with scene management, drill participants shall be formed into individual companies consisting of members, with one member designated as Company ____
15.All exterior _____ will be cleared from entrances and exits
17.A Live Burn command ____ shall be filled out during each training session
18.A Command ____ shall be established and positioned to afford maximum visibility of the structure, operating companies, and fire conditions
2.To eliminate confusion, and provide adequate scene control, all personnel operating within the fireground perimeter shall operate under the direction of a _____ officer
3.All _____ disconnected
5._____ checked for stability
6.To reduce the possibility of injury, the span of control for interior operations shall not exceed ___ Recruits for each experienced member
7.Training fires present the same _____ as those encountered at actual field incidents. The Fireground Management System employed at actual fire incidents will be General Operating Guideline’s at all structural training fires. This guideline is in compliance with N.F.P.A. 1403
9.The officer in charge of the drill will inspect the burn site prior to conducting the drill and prepare a detailed drawing of the _____
10.One officer on the scene shall be designated as "______” and will assume the command functions as outlined in the General Operating Guidelines
13.Structures will be pre vented at the roof, and a removable _____ installed to help control interior fire conditions
16.At least two points of ____ shall be provided in all burn structures

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