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Greg Schroeder

1 2 3 4 5
9     10          
12 13     14        
16         17      

6.how a game is started
7.the number of quarters in a high school basketball game
8.What team won the NBA championship in 2010
9.a player must do this, if they are moving down the court with the ball
11.The F in the acronym beef stands for
13.The united states male professional basketball league
14.The second E in the acronym beef stands for
16.the team without the ball
18.The positon player that usually attempts a jump ball
19.a free throw is worth how many points
1.number of players allowed on the court for a team
2.the team with the ball
3.a player dribbles, picks up the ball and then begins dribbling again
4.when you move down the court carrying the ball
5.a college basketball game is played in two of these
10.The B in the acronym beef stands for
12.The first E in the acronym beef stands for
15.a shot behind the arc is worth how many points
17.How many championships did Michael Jordan win

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