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Alexa J.


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      10 11

1.I am related to the Saddlebred and also commonly seen in the show ring, what am I?
4.I am a very well known racehorse around the world, what am I?
6.I am commonly seen in the show ring for Dressage, what am I?
7.I am raised and trained at the Spanish Riding school of Vienna Austria, what am I?
9.I swim from the wild island of Assateague to Chincoteague every year to be adopted by buyers, what am I?
12.I developed in the Clyde Valley of Scotland, what am I?
13.I have a very graceful and mesmerizing trot, what am I?
14.I was ridden by the American Indiand of the desert such as the Pueblo, what am I?
15.I am loved by small children and often give small pony rides, what am I?
16.I originated in France as a very well trained harness racing horse, what am I?
17.I am a wild and tame horse that is in the Black Stallion by Walter Farley, what am I?
2.I am a well known rodeo horse next to the Mustang or feral horse, what am I?
3.My breed was about to be extict because farmers killed us for eating their cattle's grass, what am I?
5.I have very thick fur and am able to live in very harsh conditions, what am I?
8.I am only seven hands tall and used for occasional harness work, what am I?
10.I have the same name as the Hackney Horse but I am much smaller, what am I?
11.I have very well jumping and dressage skills, what am I?

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