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Gorilla behavior


1 2
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4.About sixty percent of gorillas food is____.
5.Gorillas join in a group called a ____?
6.They ____ their chest when they are intimidated.
8.The dominant male is called _____.
10.Amother cleans its youngs fur ____.
11.Baby gorillas often weigh _____ pounds.
13.Gorillas are often ____ animals.
1.Every gorilla has a different one of these.
2.Bby gorillas learn to walk when they are ____ months.
3.Gorillas often make the same facial expressions as ____.
5.Young males are called _____.
6.Gorillas make a new ___ every night.
7.Gorillas have at least _____ distinct sounds.
9.____ play a dominant role.
12.____ protects their skin from insects.

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