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Stoichiometry Crossword

Nelli Isaakova

Chemistry is FUN!

1 2
3     4                         5 6
      7 8        
10         11
    12 13        
    14   15                        

3.The process by which a new substance is created from a set of initial substances (2 Words)
8.________ mass is the mass of one mole of a specific compound
15.A complex reactant is broken down into simpler substances
16.Two or more reactants combine to form a more complex product
17.An uncombined element replaces an element in a compund (2 Words)
18.A visual representation of a chemical reaction (2 Words)
19.A number at the bottom right corner of an element in a chemical equation
20.The chemist that discovered the mole (2 Words)
1.The Law of Conservation of _______ states that matter cannot be created or destroyed.
2.Components of two different compounds switch places (2 Words)
4.A unit of measurement that equals 6.02 x 10^23 particles
5.The percent _______ is the percent of mass of a component that is due to it in the compound it is part of
6.A _______ equation represents a reaction through the use of words
7.Carbon dioxide and water are results of this reaction
9.The results of a chemical reaction
10.The initial substances that start a chemical reaction
11.A reaction that releases heat
12.A coefficient is placed _________ an element or compound
13.A reaction represented through the use of element symbols (2 Words)
14.A reaction that absorbs heat

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