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Travis Howell

things to do with sports and sports teams

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2.In Soccer when you score a________ you get one point.
3.When a batter swings and misses the ball it is called a_______.
4.When a ball is hit on the ground it is called a_________.
6.Last name of the all time Home Run leader?
9.The person throwing the ball to the batter is called a________.
11.Who won the 2010 Basball world series?
13.What is the position between second and third base?
15.When a player losses control of the Football it is called a?
16.In hat inning in a baseball game does the crowd stretch?
17.What is a score called on a Football game?
18.The tallest person on a basket ball team playes which positon?
19.When a basketball player throws the ball down in the hoop its called a_______.
1.How many rounds in a Boxing match?
3.Who lost the 2011 Superbowl?
5.What sport involves drivers racing on a race track?
8.If your not the losing team you are the_______team
10.What is the last game of the NFL season?
12.To take down a player in Football, you must________ them.
14.What is it called when a Baseball is hit out of the park?

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