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Caitlin Pitzenberger

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1.These animals like to sneak around, eat cheese, and are a little bigger than mice.
5.These animals are amphibians and have a shell. They are green or brown.
6.These animals are in the horse family as well as mules, and this animal has 2 names, one is jackass and the other you get to find out!
2.These animals are really tiny and small and they live in or on anthills.
3.These animals say "meow" and can swim,but don't like to. (We have 5 of these as pets.)
4.These animal/mammals/retards are what you are!! That should be enough information for you but if not you are the last choice if these three... pretty, nice, retarded:)
6.These animals have a good sense of smell and can also hear very well.

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