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#104.10 Security Preparedness

Fort Osage G.O.G. Review

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5.Require identification of _____
6.Place teams and Emergency Operations staff on _____ status
8.The District will receive threat _____ updates through the I.A.F.C. Federal and State Informational E-Mails
10.Encourage personnel to prepare their families for potential _____
12.Shut down all non essential network and ______ systems
13._____ buildings, rooms, storage areas not in regular use
17.Periodically remind personnel to be suspicious and inquisitive of _____
18._____ Condition: This is a general risk of terrorist activity (Condition Definition)
20.Contact Law Enforcement daily to get updates and status of threat _____
1.Arrange Law Enforcement Escort on all _____
2._____ procedures but avoid habitual routines
3._____ Condition: The threat of a terrorist attack is severe and under most circumstances, this condition will not be sustained for prolonged periods (Condition Definition)
4.The District can also receive particular threat information through the Law Enforcement Teletype _____
7.These threat warnings will be passed down to the _____ so precautionary measures can be implemented
9.Increase awareness and attention to computer, network _____
11._____ Condition: There is a significant risk of terrorist attacks (Condition Definition)
14.Update and train on emergency action _____
15._____ test of security and back-up power systems
16._____ Condition: The risk of a terrorist attack is extreme (Condition Definition)
19.All parcels, bags and containers entering premise should be searched by on _____ personnel
21.___ Condition: Low risk of terrorist attacks (Condition Definition)

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