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#106.03 School Drills

Fort Osage G.O.G. Review

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1.After the drill, the on duty crew will meet with the school principal to make recommendations and review their tornado _____
4.The tornado drill is to ensure quick and safe _____ of students and staff in the event of a tornado
7.The fire drill program is designed to ensure quick and safe _____ of a school structure in the event of a fire
8.The Assistant Chief on each _____ will then contact the principals of the schools they are given and set a time and date for the fire drill
9.On duty crews are sent to the school to supervise and observe compliance with the tornado drill plan for each _____
1.The officer in charge will report the results of the drills in writing to the Assistant Chief of _____
2.When possible this will be done in conjunction with the _____ Wide Drill in March of each year
3.Fire personnel will be placed around all exits to view the _____
4.The Assistant Chief of Prevention will provide the results of the drills by a written explanation to the principals and the Assistant Superintendent of Support _____
5.A school fire drill will be performed _____ in each school in the district
6.A tornado drill will be performed annually in the month of _____ at each school

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