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Jamie's Aussie Animal Crossword

1       2               3     4
7         8 9          
11       12    

1.I am a very pretty bird and everyone loves me.
5.I am a wild form of the domestic dog.
6.I am a very shy bird.
7.I often loive in the wild or in the roof of peoples houses
9.I am a marsupial that lives in burrows.
12.I am a bird that cannot fly.
13.I was Steve Irwin's favourite animal and I am dangerous.
14.I have pink and grey bird skin.
2.I am a very popular animal, everyone adores me and i have a bottlenose.
3.I am found on the cote of arms.
4.I am a devil that is found in Tasmania only.
8.I am a type of bird that likes to swoop down and attack people.
10.I have spikey things coming out of my back.
11.I am only ever found in Western Australia.

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