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The Water Test


Fill in the puzzle with the appropriate properties of water that we covered in class.

1 2      
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6   7   8              
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  16                     17
  18     19           20
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28                 29        

2.transfer of energy due to a temperature difference
3.Hydrogen is slightly ______________ charged in a water molecule
7.during the winter time, the top of a pond freezes forming an __________________
9.ice (2 Words)
11.This causes the bonds of water molecules to "stick" to each other
14.Water is ___________________ for life on Earth
15.Ice contains air thus Ice is less ________ than water
16.Oxygen is slightly _____________ charged in a water molecule
19.Between 4 Celsius and 0 Celsius water does this
21.This causes the bonds of water molecules to "stick" to other things
23.Sometimes water can act as an __________
24.the process of changing from a solid to a gas without being a liquid
28.Between 4 Celsius and 0 Celsius water forms these
30.Water freezes at __________ degrees
1.The slight charges of Hydrogen and Oxygen are why water is
2.Water is made with two parts
4.During a phase change, the __________________ of water does not change
5.bonds that hold water molecules together
6.Ice melts at _________ degrees
8.____________ Allows bugs and other things to float on water (2 Words)
10.Since Water cannot be found on the periodic table water is a
12.generally, pure water is ____________
13.Since ice is less dense than water ice does this on water
17.Four is the _______________ number of bonds a single water molecule can have
18.Water boils at _________________ degrees Celsius (2 Words)
20.the pH of pure water is ___________
22.Heat transfers between objects because everything in nature desires to be
25.Water is made of one part of this element
26.Other times, water can act as a __________
27.water in the gas form

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