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1.This is important part of legislation and policy to keep you, your staff and service users safe (6,3,6)
8.This is the new award that replaces the NVQ in Health and Social care
9.To ensure you complete all your tasks, work and duties you need to have this (4,10)
10.This policy relates to the protection of the service users
12.To ensure a competent workforce, staff should hold these in Health and Social Care
14.You and your staff should have this, some is mandatory
15.Before a team meeting you would prepare this
16.Your staff should be given a thorough one of these when they start working for you
2.This piece of legislation relates to transmitting, receiving and storing of information(4,10,3)
3.These should be planned with your staff for them to achieve over the year and they should be S.M.A.R.T
4.This is a one to one meeting with your staff to review their performance
5.This is where you get together with your staff to discuss work issues, often held monthly(4,7)
6.This should be effective if messages are tranmitted in your workplace
7.All one to one meetings with your staff should be this
11.This is to look back on performance
13.You should give your staff this at their supervision, it can be verbal or written

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