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Chapter 7

1 2 3
4           5              
7       8          
    9                   10     11   12
14             15          
    16 17        
    19         20  

4.group 1 elements
5.most abundant metallic element in the crust
6.graphite and diamonds are these
7.found in Botswana
9.elements in the d-block
10.mixtures of metals
13.most of these elements are synthetic
14.group 18
16.Found in the Mojave desert
19.found in Norway
21.group 17
1.most electronegative element
2.these elements have high melting points and are silvery
3.inorganic crystalline substance making up rocks
7.forms millions of organic compounds
8.divides metals from nonmetals
11.most abundant element in the crust
12.helps to control biological functions
15.element found in china
17.source material of many elements
18.found on the left side of the periodic table
20.used in storage batteries

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