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1 2
3                             4
6                     7                
  8 9                              
      11   12   13
15                                 16 17
18         19              

3.Rotary and Effleurage are ..........? (7+8) (2 Words)
6.What are natural tones also referred as? (4+7) (2 Words)
7.colour shampoos, colour conditionar are what ......... colours (9)
9.which type of colour will cover 100% gray hair (9+6) (2 Words)
15.Before we start the service we will fill in a .......... (12+5) (2 Words)
19.How do we lift hair from the scalp? What is the action called? (8)
21.Porosity, elasticity tests will detirmen .................. of the hair? (7)
22.What is the most reported skin condition within hairdressing? (7+10) (2 Words)
23.If your hairs e......... is poor your hair will be like chewy (10)
1.If unclear about the clients hairstyle we will seek help from ........ (9)
2.What does PPE stand for? (8+10+9) (3 Words)
4.Which colour type requires 3% peroxide (5)
5.what should be always on the forfront of our well beeing? (6+3+6) (3 Words)
8.What needs to be distroid to change hair shape (8+4) (2 Words)
10.which shampoo is used for dry hair? (7+7) (2 Words)
11.what will determin the quality of your hair? (8+4) (2 Words)
12.Where does the client get his/her hair washed?
13.How do we want our clients to feel during a service? (11)
14.What needs to be mixed with the colour paste before applying to clients hair?(8+8) (2 Words)
16.with what do we protect clients during a service? (5)
17.very closely nit hair is referred as
18.before starting a service we will advice the client about the ......... of the service. (7)
20.which test needs to be done 24-48 hours before colouring (4+4) (2 Words)

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