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4-H Guide Raising Chickens

Heather Barnes

Learning terms associated with poultry. Suitable for beginner members

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3.slate gray feather color
5.young chicken from day-old to fully feathered
6.group of birds that possess similar characteristics and produce similar offspring when mated
7.outer covering of a bird
9.dead skin that often occurs on the comb of a single-combed chicken after a very cold day
10.sound a male chicken makes
12.crown on top of the head; usually red
14.class of breeds that began in England (Australorps, Orpingtons, Sussex)
16.miniature chicken that may be as small as one-fourth the size of its large fowl counterpart
17.light brownish in color
18.soft fluff covering of a day-old chick; fluffy part near the base of any feather
19.very small stones used in a chicken's crop/ gizzard to help grind food
1.group of chickens that live together
2.sound a hen makes after laying an egg or when starting to brood
4.cluster of feathers growing form the upper throat in some breeds
8.class of large fowl chickens developed in North America (Rocks, Delawares, Buckeyes)
11.where chickens are housed
13.putting a tag or band with letters or numbers on a leg or wing to identify
15.examples are oats, wheat, corn, or soybean, used as feed
16.hen that wants to sit on eggs to hatch them

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