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Amphibians & Reptiles

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6.Type of fertilization used by reptiles for reproduction
8.Type of animal that has a backbone
10.Animals that change body temperature as their environment temperature changes
13.Type of eggs taht young reptiles hatch from
15.A period of cold-weather inactivity
16.Type of reptile that has a shell and lives most of it life in or around water
17.Most adult amphibians that these organs that allow gas exchange in the air
18.The type of amphibian that has no tail and spends most of its lifetime in or around water.
19.Type of skin found on reptiles
20.A scientist who studies amphibians and reptiles
1.In Greek it means "double life"
2.Amphibian that has a long tail and spends most of its time in water as an adult
3.Method of fertilization used by most amphibians
4.Amphibian that has no tail and spends most of its lifetime on land
5.Large, predatory reptile that has a pointed snout
7.The type of amphibian that has a long tail and spends most of its time out of the water
9.a series of body changes that occurs during the life cycle of an amphibian
11.Type of reptile that does not have legs
12.A period of warm-weather inactivity
14.Membrane on the exterior of an amphibian that acts like an eardrum in hearing
16.Number of chambers in an amphibian heart
19.Secondary organ for gas exchange that must be kept moist

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