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Water, water everywhere...

C. Carpenter

1 2 3
5 6       7        
    8 9 10    
11           12                            
16   17                   18
        19 20    
    21 22                          
        24   25    
          28   29          

4.plants releasing water vapor back into the air through openings in their leaves
6.water flowing on top of the land
11.spaces between rock or soil particles
12.an area with an impermeable layer of rock or sediment on top and bottom
13.ground water that reaches the surface
14.a well drilled into a confined aquifer
16.clay or shale
22.the study of all water on Earth
26.water-soaked region
27.a hole used to get ground water
29.a small body of moving surface water that flows downhill in a definite path or channel
30.region that supplies water to an aquifer
31.study of oceans and marine life
32.uppermost area that contains water
33.when warm water reaches the surface
34.the area of land that drains rainfall into a river system
1.a low, cuplike area in the surface of land that is filled with fresh water
2.an aquifer that is bounded only by a lower impermeable layer
3.area where fresh water and salt water mix
5.low area near a river
7.water with few dissolved minerals
8.the end of a river
9.formed by several streams flowing together
10.a hot spring that erupts violently
15.water that moves through pores
17.allows water to move easily through connected pores
18.rain, sleet, snow, hail
19.layer that carries water
20.weathered rocks and decaying plant material
21.liquid water changes to a gas below 100 degrees Celcius
23.streams, rivers, lakes, ponds
24.gas turning back into a liquid
25.movement of water from evaporation to precipitation
28.a high wall made of concrete, stone, or rock and soil that is used to control a river
29.ocean water

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