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Being Sick Sucks


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1.The song is a commentary on immigration, and how immigrants are treated unfairly in America. (2 Words)
3.4020 Lafayette Boulevard in Detroit (2 Words)
5.This song is about a guy who likes a girl, but is too shy to approach her. He dreams of hypnotizing her so he will not have to reveal himself
11.This song is sung by the band's drummer, Meg White. There is no drumming in the song, just the sound of a suspended cymbal played at regular intervals. (5 Words)
12.In this song, Jack White sings about a girl that lets a guy push her around, all because she believes they're in love (6 Words)
2.This song is about automaker Preston Tucker, who like Jack and Meg White, is from Detroit. The line, "the motors runnin' on Tuckers' blood" is a reference to him (6 Words)
4.Clocking in at 7:18, this is the longest White Stripes song ever recorded (3 Words)
6.Along with "White Moon," this is one of 2 songs on Get Behind Me Satan about Jack White meeting Rita Hayworth for the first time (3 Words)
7.The lyrics are based on an elementary school song that students sing while playing in school yards. (2 Words)
8.The second single from Get Behind Me Satan, this received a Grammy nomination for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals. (2 Words)
9.This song draws from the Bible story about Eve taking the apple from the tree in the Garden of Eden (2 Words)
10.Best band in the world (2 Words)

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