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#101.20 Fire District Chaplain

Fort Osage G.O.G. Review

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1.Respond to working structural _____ when requested
4.Be available to district members in times of _____ or difficulty
5.The Chaplain will always _____ to the Incident Commander upon arrival for briefing on the situation
7.Provide _____ as required for victims, family and firefighters
9.The _____ will report directly to the Fire Chief or his/her designee in times of absence
10._____ hospitalized district members and immediate family members
2.The Chaplain will _____ when contacted by communications, incident commander, or at their own discretion should it fall within the duties and responsibilities of the position and this GOG
3.The _____ to the Fire District Chaplain will be recommended by the Fire Chief and approved by the Board of Directors
6.This position will be a _____ position within the district’s organizational structure and will not hold any type of rank position
8.Assist in _____ family members of victims, families and firefighters
9.____ is needed for the family or victim while treatment is underway

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