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Unit 2 - Astronomy

Ms. Keegan

Use your notes from Unit 2 to complete this crossword puzzle. If you have misplaced your notes they can be found on files for students under Ms. Wallette. Good Luck!

1 2           3
    4               5   6
8             9      
11   12                  
15 16      
  17                   18  
21                 22
    23 24            
25   26               27          

1._______ Theory: The moon was formed somewhere else and later captured by the gravitational field of the Earth
4.A system of 2 stars that revolve around each other (2 Words)
7.Eclipse occurs if the moon has an _____ fall on it
8.When a neutron star collapses it usually produces what?
10.Results from massive stars exploding violently
12.Type of Spectra (2 Words)
13.Massive "clouds" of gas
14.A change in the observed frequency of a wave, as of sound or light, occurring when the source and observer are in motion (2 Words)
17.An important use of stars
19.Distance that light travels in one year (2 Words)
20.Gravity causes particles in a nebula to move ______
21.The moon is 3476km in _______
24.When the sun, moon and earth are in line, _____ tides occur
25.Term used when talking about the brightness of stars
27.Full Moon moving towards New Moon
28.The first sign of the zodiac
29.Rapidly rotating core of a neutron star
30.A planet visible to the naked eye from Earth
2.One of the stars in Orion's Belt
3.Distance between stars is very ______
5.Earths next door neighbour (2 Words)
6.A type of galaxy
9.Actual brightness of a star
11.A major crater on the moon
15.Actual name of the North Star
16.Earths neighbour galaxy
18.70% of a star is made up of this
22.The tides on Earth are linked to the ____
23.One of the first men on the moon
24.Spectroscopes enable astronomers to find temperature, composition and ______
26.Nebulae containing millions to billions of stars
27.New Moon moving towards Full Moon

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