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Rabbit Breeds

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4               5  
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11                               12

2.This rabbit breed has markings called a "saddle"
4.This rabbit breed is not yet recognized by the ARBA
6.This breed has soft, velvety feeling fur
8.This rabbit has lop ears and weighs about 4 lbs
10.This is the largest breed of rabbit
11.This is the smallest breed of rabbit
13.This rabbit breed has red eyes and himalayan-like coloring, it is also the name of a state
14.This rabbit has 17 color varieties, and the same fur as the Rex
15.This rabbit breed is also a breed of guinea pig
16.This rabbit has eye markings that resemble eyeliner
1.This rabbit's fur "silvers out" as it get older
3.This rabbit's breed is also a color of Mini Rex
5.This rabbit has tufts of fur on the ears as well as long fur all over the body
7.This rabbit has very long ears
9.This rabbit is like a smaller version of the French Angora
12.This rabbit is streched out to pose for showing

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