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Gas Laws

S. Hamilton

A review of the gas laws and properties of gases

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4.the amount of gas is measured in this
7.a measure of how much the volume decreases under pressure
12.these differ most from ideal gases at low temperatures and high pressures
13.the volume of a gas is measured in this
14.this law states that there is a direct relationship between temperature and volume
15.in the ideal gas law, this equals PV
16.this constant has a value of 8.31 L kPa/mol K
17.this law states that as pressure increases, volume decreases
1.allows for computations in which pressure, volume, and temperature have changed
2.this temperature scale must be used in gas calculations
3.gases are easily compressed because of this between molecules
5.the number of moles of a gas is directly proportional to the number of these
6.gas pressure is measured in these units
8.type of gas that follows all the assumptions of the kinetic theory
9.at 0 Kelvin, the volume of a gas is this
10.Guy-Lussac's law states that there is a direct relationship betwen the kelvin temperature and this
11.in Boyle's law, gas varies ___ with pressure

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