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Personality & Childhood Disorders

Introduction to Psychology

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1.odd perceptions, thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors
4.suspiciousness and distrust of others
7.________ development disorder; communication & relationships
10.both narcissistic and antisocial have a significant lack of this quality for others
11.a chilhood disorder that may become ASPD
12.category of depressed children; socially withdrawn
14.avoidant personalities are similar to this type of phobia
15.detachment from social relationships; restricted range of emotions
18.inhibition in social; feelings of inadequacy; oversenstive to criticism
20.this term indicates the wide range among autistic children
21.those with ASPD become less active, less dangerous after this age
22.long-standing disorders, inflexible styles of living
23.category disturbing to others in child's environment
24.helplessness; submissive and clingy
26.a person with an antisocial personality disorder is often called this
1.childhood __________ anxiety disorder; fearfully, clings to parent
2.excessive emotionality, shallow, dramatic behavior
3.preoccupation with orderliness, perfection, and control
5.________ disorder; most severe; appears before the age of three
6.troubled relationships; impulsive, angry outbursts, fear of abandonment
8.poor social skills; repetitive behavior but rarely cognitive deficits
9.this type of thinking evident in schizotypal personalities
13.shameless disregard for and violation of others' rights
16.those with personality disorders usually suffer less than ______________
17.exaggerated self-importance and achievements; fantasies of success
19.there is a strong argument for child ______ as contributing to ASPD
25.acronym for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

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