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Plate Tectonics and The Dynamic Crust

Miss Ciesluk

Use your knowledge of Earth Science and your ESRT to complete the puzzle below.

2 3               4  
7                   8  
10 11        
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2.how exposed sedimentary rock appears if it has NOT been disturbed
7.tidal wave created by an underwater earthquake
9.the earth layer where convection takes place
12.the location of an earthquake above the focus
14.the location of an earthquake under the epicenter
15.gives us evidence of the composition and density of earth's interior
16.a plate boundary where crust is pulling apart
17.the height of a wave on a seismogram
1.a plate boundary where is crust is pushing together
3.the type of crust that is made of basalt and is mafic
4.the earth layer that is the crust and upper mantle
5.the type of crust that is made of granite and is felsic
6.a plate boundary where crust is sliding past
8.evidence the ocean floor is spreading
10.the seismic wave that arrives after the p-wave and can not travel through liquids
11.the print out from a seismograph showing p and s wave arrival times
13.the seismic wave that is the fastest and travels through solids and liquids

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