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Natural Resource Management

Chris Lukas

Terminology related to natural resource management

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3.Contention between users of a shared natural area. Can be social values, interpersonal, or asymmetrical.
5.The role of (this person) is to ensure minimal levels of impact through good management practices.
8.Romanticized cartoon of deforestation
9.Became a rallying cry to preserve natural resources in the U.S.
11.Unique from other forms of recreation and education, because of their reliance on the outdoors as a physical context for conducting programs
12.Refers the amount of human traffic that an area can withstand before being adversely effected by that traffic.
14.Are used by the federal government to ensure that the principle of dispersed use is adhered to in its management practices.
17.Flora and Fauna not native to a natural area
18.Resources that include rivers, bays and estuaries, wetlands, coastal areas, and lakes and reservoirs.
19.First head of the United States Forest Service (also sported a good-lookin' mustache)
20.The "crop" of the USFS
21.The process of keeping something in existence (maintaining).
22.Housed in the Department of Agriculture
23.Environmental Impact is a neutral term. It can be either positive or (this)...
24.Envormental ethic and code
1.(This), caused by off-road vehicles is causing damage to the USFS forests
2.Type of municiple park. Can be found in Cleveland area.
4.Housed in the Department of the Interior
6.In the field of outdoor education and recreation, environmental impact is considered in terms of (this)...
7.Wished to preserve natural areas of the country for their beauty
10.How clear the water is
13.Resources that include all forms of plant and animal life
15.Encourages visitors to explore less popular and less used areas for the sake of dispersing the impact of visitation and use on these area
16.Resources that include forests, grasslands, deserts, snow and ice areas, and tundra.

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