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Destiny Childs

This is a puzzle for any one one who is bored and needs something to do. It teaches kids different animals. The animals on this crossword puzzle are animals you would most likely see every day. Hope you enjoy!

1     2
4             5  
  7 8            
9 10        

1.makes milk
3.lives on a farm and likes to run around
4.wakes you up on a farm in the morning
6.is man's best friend
7.pecks for food
10.rolls around in mud
11.hibernates in the winter
12.this animal is stinky
13.swims in a fish tank
1.likes attention and usually purrs
2.eats from trash cans
4.likes carrots and fresh picked grass
5.swings from vines
8.this animal eats hay
9.is very small and is prey for a cat
11.flys high in the sky

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