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Music Express Vocab Vol. 11

Mrs. Havlicek


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1.an organized group of singers
4.a traditional Mexican street ensemble and its music
7.one person performing alone
11.accenting the weak beat of the measure or weak part of the beat
14.to display something, like a talent, to your advantage
16.happening by chance
17.musical symbol that indicates to hold a note or rest
2.the result produced when tones are sounded simultaneously
3.Home Box Office, a paid television service that offers premium shows
5.a trial hearing given to an actor or singer to see if they are appropriate for the part
6.piano music of the highest tradition, classical suggesting "first class" or acknowledged excellence
8.the playing, or singing of parts in a musical passage at the same pitch or in octaves
9.style of music with an aggressive beat played at a loud volume
10.a full length movie made for theatres and is the main attraction
12.a movie or book that continues the story of an earlier work
13.a television program that appears once a week(or more often) in a specified time slot
15.American Broadcasting company, one of the major national television networks

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