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12 EES go West


EES Excursion Cross Word

1 2 3 4
5     6            
8               9               10      
  11 12     13                  
  14           15
17 18                      
19                   20  
    21               22                
24                 25  
    26       27  
28                 29              
  30 31       32   33

6.Name of felsic plutonic rock
7.Oxygen poor conditions
8.Foreign object in a batholith
9.Final processing product at Cadia
11.Restoration after mining
16.Host rock at Cadia
18.Process of change through time of an organism
19.Levels in an open pit mine
21.Area where putrescible rubbish is dumped
22.Structure to reduce the effect of wind
24.Armour plated fish
26.Type of fossil fuel
28.Intermediate volcanic rock
29.Age of fishes period
30.Mafic volcanic rock
34.Underground mine at Cadia
35.Type of volcano at Orange
36.Added to help grind rock
1.Mineral commonly found in Granite
2.Used to separate ore minerals from waste minerals
3.Eon dominated by single celled organisms
4.Little channels which can lead to gullying
5.Name of limb on Canowindra Grossi
10.Name applied to green energy
12.Liquid released after treatment
13.Large body of plutonic rock
14.Rock used to make cement
15.Name of the fold belt west of the Blue Mountains
17.Household waste which is collected for re processing
20.First step in processing ore at Cadia
23.Preserved remains of once living organism
25.Material underground which erupts in a volcano
27.A valuable commodity
31.Fossilised tree sap
32.Waste product from Cadia processing
33.Gas collected during sewage traetment

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