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Alternative energy systems installer


You should know this if your ready to install

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1.where electrons travel on a conductor
3.this technique allows a variable control of current
5.specific frequency which causes an added reaction
7.this phenomena occurs when electron flow changes direction
8.the relationship between two waves
9.when electricity causes magnetism and vice versa
11.this device needs an electrical load to prevent over spin
13.shunt resistor or heating coil or optional set of batteries
14.type of charge controller used by pv systems
16.opposition to current flow
18.most efficient light source produced
2.this device controls current flow,over voltage and overcharging
4.voltage X current =
6.equivalent to resistance for AC circuits
10.This type of electricity is superior for transmission across long distances
12.60 hertz
15.type of charge controller used by small wind turbines
17.inventor of Alternating current

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