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The Classical Period

Robert Loretz

1 2 3           4
5   6              
        7 8          
10   11            
  13 14                  
17                   18
  21         22          
      23   24        
  27             28      

3.The composer who wrote 27 piano concerti
5.The piece Mozart didn't finish due to his death
7.What Mozart was in childhood
9.The new form of the Classical period
11.The country where Mozart was born
12.The only opera by Beethoven
13.The second big section of a movement in sonata form
15.The first great Classical composer who was a teacher of Beethoven
16.The number of piano concerti Beethoven wrote
17.A sonata for soloist and orchestra
19.The chamber music for four instruments
20.The number of symphonies Beethoven wrote
21.The composer who went deaf
23.The form ABA
25.The instrument Mozart introduced to the orchestra
27.The name given to the accompanying figure that is typically a low note, high note, middle note, high note chordal pattern
28.The number of movements often in a sonata
29.A sonata for orchestra
30.The country where Beethoven and Haydn were born
1.The new keyboard instrument of the Classical period
2.The tail piece that rounds off a movement
3.The composer who wrote 41 symphonies
4.The composer who wrote over 100 symphonies
6.The chamber music for five instruments
8.The third big section of a movement in sonata form
10.One of Mozart's operas is Don ........
14.The first big section of a movement in sonata form
16.One of Mozart's operas is the Magic .....
17.The flash solo passage near the end of the first movement of a concerto to show the skill of the performer
18.The form AB or AABB
22.The sacred equivalent to opera but without set, costumes and acting, that continues in the Classical period
24.The form ABACA
25.The name given to music that is for a small group of instruments
26.The chamber music for three instruments

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