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Eyewash and Safety Shower Units

May 18, 2011

Where chemical hazards are present, OSHA requires that eyewash stations and safety showers be installed for employees to use in case of chemical contact. The following crossword puzzle contains some of the main points regarding the use of eyewash/safety showers. If you have questions or would like a copy of this crossword puzzle, please contact the EHS group.

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1.the frequency that eyewash stations should be flushed
3.this should never be located in front of a safety shower
6.good for first aid, but do not have capacity for a full flush
8.must be held open to ensure chemicals are rinsed from eyes
11.regulator who oversees eyewash/safety showers
12.trap chemicals against the eye
13.eyewash/safety showers are required when these are present
14.the length of time an individual should stay in the eyewash/safety shower
2.should be consulted for evaluation after serious chemical contact
4.these should never be placed in the path to the eyewash/safety shower
5.lighting level surrounding the eyewash/safety shower
7.equipment used to wash the face and eyes
9.another name for a safety shower
10.the water controls on the eyewash/safety shower

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