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we share this planet

Lyudmila Anikina

The crossword is based on Unit 7 Animals, Lesson 7-8 and taken from New Millennium coursebook, Grade 10. The authors of it are O.Groza,O.Dvoretskaya and others.

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5.An animal that lives in water and swims, and uses its fins and tail to swim.
6.Animals such as snakes or lizards whose blood changes according to the temperature around it, and thatusually lay eggs.
8.Animals that eat flesh.
9.A group of animals or plants which are similar and can breedtogether to produce young animals or plants of the same kind as them.
1.Small creatures like a fly or ant, that have 6 legs, and sometimes wings.
2.The class of animals that drink milk from its mother's body when they are young.
3.Animals that can live both on land and in water.
4.Animals that live on a farm or in someone's home.
7.Creatures with wings and feathers that lay eggs and can usually fly.

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