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#100.01 Capital Improvements

Fort Osage G.O.G. Review

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1.The District faces a challenge in meeting its _____ needs with limited financial resources
4.____ and modifications to the CIP plan will continue to be made in future years as the District expands and develops services and this process
5.Replacement Schedule - Apparatus: Fire _____ – 15 years
6.Replacement Schedule - _____ Vehicles – 6 years
8.The purpose of this plan is to identify all necessary projects, facilities, and large equipment _____
10.Replacement Schedule - ______ – 5 years
11.The Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is the Fort Osage Fire Protection Districts plan for _____ and development for the fiscal years 2010–2015
12.Replacement Schedule - _____ Truck – 15 years
2._____ of the district shall conduct a review of all capital items, both replacement, new and maintenance associated, on an annual basis during the retreat and during the annual budget considerations
3.The CIP plan includes all Operating facilities and major apparatus and equipment purchases or combination of equipment (i.e. bunker gear) greater than $5,000.00 with a useful life of at least 5 ____
7.Replacement Schedule - _____ – 20 years
9.Replacement Schedule - _____ – 25 years

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