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Golf Terms


used for a kids golf camp

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1.the angle or pitch on the face of a club
5.the most important concern this week at junior camp
9.passing the group in front of you as they wait
14.a style or postion in which a ball rests on the ground
15.regulations and procedures relating to golf
16.one under par on a hole
17.to position or direct a golf shot
18.the act of swinging a club with the intent of striking a ball
19.one over par on a hole
21.a depression in the ground usually filled with sand
23.precise way we place our hands on the club
24.longer grass adjacent to fairways and greens
25.a seperate area on the course for practicing golf shots
2.yelled as a warning when someone accidentally hits a ball towards another person
3.a short shot that rolls more than it flies
4.used to mark the location of the hole
6.the postion you take just before beginning a swing
7.the backward part of the swing; from the ground to over the golfers' head
8.a piece of turf torn from the ground by a club
10.a perfect shot
11.a wooden peg used to hold the ball when driving
12.the most closely mown and smooth area on the course
13.a shot intended to make the ball roll
18.at a right angle; perpendicular; at 90 degrees
20.two under par on a hole
22.recommended number of strokes to complete a hole or round

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