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Ancient China

James Chan

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6.Famous legendary creature of Chinese mythology and folklore
11.Famous wall, originally built to protect the Northern Borders of the Chinese Empire
12.Important fabric used for trade, first developed in Ancient China
14.Important food grown in China since the fourth millenium B.C
15.Another word for trading, which was vital in Ancient China
17.The leader of the nation
19.Wood-like material found tree's that was used for many things
20.Children's toy invented by the Chinese in 400 BC
21.There are over 40,000 of these, and they are written.
1.The Sun and the Moon were referred to as this
2.A succession of people from the same family who ruled the country
3.Arguably the most successful dynasty, containing three letters
4.The main religion in Ancient China
5.Symbolic clay statues
7.The place considered the "cradle" of Ancient Chinese Civilization
8.A traditional Chinese feast, consisting of up to 12 courses
9.Famous and respected Philosopher who lived during the Zhou Dynasty
10.Term used to describe the trade route that connected trade merchants across Asia, involving silk
13.Chinese invention that made books possible
16.The Ancient Chinese invented this explosive around the 9th century
18.A type of writing that the Chinese were influential in

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