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easy puzlle for Korean students

2       3
4   5    
6     7        
  9                 10        
    11   12     13  
        14 15        
  17                 18     19 20
  23       24     25      
26           27          
  28 29         30    
31               32       33  
    34     35
  36               37    
    38     39        

2.animal that likes to eat leaves
5.animal with sharp teeth
6.very fast animal
9.animal with many sharp teeth that lays eggs
10.animal with no legs
11.animal that eats other dead animals
15.small animal with long tail
17.fat animal that lives in the river
21.lives in the ocean and can bite you
24.lives in the sea, but gives birth to its babies
26.animal that can breathe fire
27.works very hard
29.animal with a long neck
31.animal with lots of spots
32.cold blooded animal
36.bird that eats dead animals
37.bird that makes a hoo hoo sound
38.makes honey
39.has only one foot
40.animal that likes bananas
41.walks sideways
1.flies very high in the sky
3.fat animal with short legs
4.has many legs
5.bird that makes a quack quack sound
7.lives in the soil and eats dead leaves
8.bird with very big wings
10.animal with wool
12.animal with very big ears
13.bad pest that lays eggs on your head
14.has a tail with a poisonous sting
16.bird that people like to eat
18.small animal that can kill snakes
19.big bird that can't fly
20.animal with claws
22.makes a web to catch flies
23.flies at night and can suck your blood
25.bird that swims in the sea, but can't fly
28.bird that likes to eat fish
29.animal with a black skin and black hair
30.sly animal with a big tail
33.animal with a horn on its nose
34.animal with black and white stripes
35.animal that digs tunnels

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