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Swine Diseases

Email me (Megan Hack) for an answer key: electricity19@gmail.com

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8.The type of virus that causes PRRS
9.The gram negative bacilli that is the most significant cause of diarrhea in very very young piglets
11.Pigs (usually after weaning) can experience bleed ____ from gastric ulcers
12.The number of months a pig's age must be under to be succeptible to swine pox
13.The variant of this dermatologic critter is NOT zoonotic in swine, despite all our concerns if found in companion animals
15.The mortality rate of uncomplicated swine influenza
16.The most common bacterial isolate in swine lungs, causing suppurative pneumonia
20.The "proliferative" symptom of Lawsonia intracellulare infection means that the large intestine is......
23.The gram stain designation of Actinobacillus pleuropneumonia
24.The most defining symptom of Glasser's disease (and it's other name!)
25.The distinctive color of the diarrhea of coccidia infected piglets
26.A respiratory disease with peracute, acute, and chronic forms
29.Mycoplasma hyosynoviae is distinguished from it's respiratory cousin because it attacks these areas
31.The lungs of a mycoplasma infected pig are this fruity color
32.The causative agent of Glasser's disease
35.The fruity heart disease caused by nutritional deficiency of vitamin E and Selenium
36.A significant concern in baby pigs, seeing as their iron need is higher than milk can provide (Though why don't they just go to the gym and pump some?)
38.Ascaris _____ causes verminous pneumonia
39.Seeing as it's be nearly eradicated in domestic herds, you have to do this if brucellosis is diagnosed
41.A twisty respiratory disease caused by Bordatella bronchiseptica and Pasturella multocida
43.Proliferative enteropathy typically found in pigs at or past this stage of development
45.The serovar of clostridium that produces bloody diarrhea and sudden death in newborn piglets
47.________ hyodysenteriae, the gram-negative anaerobe responsible for swine dysentery
48.This zoonotic spirochete causes abortions and other reproductive problems LATE in pregnancy
49.The isospora species responsible for coccidiosis in pigs
50.The salmonella serotype MOSTLY ONLY found in swine.
52.The age up to which clinical signs of Atrophic rhinitis are noted
53.This acronym describes the reproductive effects of porcine parvovirus
54.The other name for pseudorabies
1.The pathogen responsible for diamond skin disease
2.The transmissable disease of swine caused by a coronavirus
3.This "poisoning" is actually caused by water deprivation
4._____ spots are often found on the liver of pigs with ascarid infection
5.The disease caused by a type 1 Herpes virus in swine.
6.The color of the often watery feces produced by pigelts infected with E. Coli
7.The most economically important swine disease in the US
10.The vitamin deficiency responsible for white muscle disease
13.To control the effects (but not the INFECTION) of parvo, commingle gilts with..
14.A hearty concern of chronic Erysipelas infection
17.Another achy symptom- but this time of Glasser's, and MULTIPLE.
18.The degenerative liver condition caused by vitamin E and Selenium deficiency
19.The method of transmission for the highly infectious PRRS
21.The pneumonia causing pathogen that is part of the Porcine Respiratory Disease Complex
22.Have the highest mortality rate when infected with Pseudorabies
27.Pre-weaned piglets become this way when their sebaceous glands go into overdrive under the influence of Staphylococcus hyicus
28.The diarrhea causing virus (in nursing pigs) that almost all pigs are infected with
30.The mineral deficiency responsible for white muscle disease
33.The porcine cold that has caused zoonotic panic
34.The very ACHY chronic symptom of Erysipelas (Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae) infection
37.The state of the milk passed in the feces of neonates infected with TGE
40.Pigs at this stage of development must be watched very carefully for hypoglycemia
42.The ACUTE symptom of Erysipelas infection
44.Unlike their sarcoptic friends, THESE little skin critters are zoonotic when found on pigs
46.These lesions are usually found in the non-glandular stomach (the pars esophagea)
50.In Mycoplasma infection, this symptom is chronic and non-productive
51.If diarrhea is occuring before this day of age, it is NOT Isospora!

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