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Tharpee's Earth Science Puzzle


Beginning puzzle of terms and current events for freshmen Earth Science group

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4.(2 words together) the process of gathering facts through observations and formulating scientific hypotheses and theories
6.the life sustaining gas envelope that surrounds the Earth
7.when a certain distance on the map is equal to a certain distance on the surface of the earth
10.the sphere that makes up all the water of the Earth
12.the distance east and west from the prime meridian
14.in 1569 this guy created a map to help the sailors navigate the earth
18.perhaps the most destructive part of the Earth's system
20.one of the sources of energy that drives the earth's processes
21.an attempt to try to explain why things have happened the way they have - an educated guess
22.(2 words together) a threat to the earth caused by the depletion of the ozone
23.the second source of energy that drives the earth's processes
26.this projection map allows sailors to accurately determine distance and direction across the oceans
27.another name for the interacting parts of the Earth's systems
29.the destructive tectonic forces flatten out the earth... these forces create mountains and raise the land
30.the distance north and south from the equator
31.a well tested and widely accpeted idea/notion by the scientifici community that best explains the observable facts
32.according to theory, these move very slowly in the earth and create the surface structures and maybe some earthquakes and things
33.this is a projection map that is one of the most widely used
1.this is a gps (three words in one continuous space)
2.this sphere includes all the life on Earth
3.the study of the atmosphere and the processes that produce climate
5.site of a nuclear meltdown that affected the whole country
8.this sphere is made up of the core, the mantle and the crust
9.the map that shows the type and age of the exposed rocks or rocks that crop out of the surface
11.any size group of interacting parts that form a complex whole
13.the fact that some part of a map is too large, too small, too big or out of place
15.these lines on a map show the elevation of the land
16.this resource can be replenished over relatively short time (replanting trees)
17.this map represents the earth's three dimensional surface
19.(2 words together) this results from factory and car emissions
21.this destroyed New Orleans
24.these are contained within the earth and inclue water, soil, metalilic, nonmetallic minerals and energy
25.the big wave that follows an Earthquake
26.the study of Earth
28.the giant telescope in space was named after him

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