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Atmospheric Structure

Lanre Lawal

Concepts and key words in the study of the atmosphere

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3.lies directly above the troposphere
4.layer of the atmosphere closest to the Earth's surface
5.absorbs most of the harmful ultraviolet radiation from the Sun
10.Directly above the stratosphere
11.receive extraordinary large amounts of energy from the Sun
13.amount of force exerted over an area of surface
15.a cold layer where the temperature generally decreases with increasing altitude
16.extending up to about 10-15 km above the Earth's surface
17.number of air Molecules in a given Space
1.trapping of heat (2 Words)
2.extends from 80 km above the Earth's surface to outer space
3.extends from about 15 to 50 km above the Earth's surface
6.found in the stratosphere, absorbs harmful radiation (2 Words)
7.extending from 50 to 80 km above the Earth's surface
8.the very top of the stratosphere
9.temperature is hot and may be as high as thousands of degrees in this layer
12.the very top of the troposphere
14.the bottom of the thermosphere

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