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DNIS Chapter 5

Yvette Letsoalo

1 2 3
  4 5            
    6           7
9               10

5.by _____ the administrator account is not locked out using normal account lockout setting.
6.______ Tab contains several fields of information.
8.a tab twhich defines what actions should occur.
9.used to capture confidential credentials
12.provide communication mechanisms for local and remote users
1.Windows Service attack was the so-called _____ worm
2.it displays all the services that this service depends on to run.
3.service _______ which is the internal name used in windows to refer to the service.
4.more secure services helps______ the computer it is installed on.
7._______ determines which service account is associated with the service.
9.what is used to specifically identify a service?
10.Windows Management Instrumentation
11.Data Execution Prevention

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