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The Many Faces of Malware

How many do you know?

1 2          
3 4            
    6             7    
9             10          

2.A collection of machines that have been compromised
4.Llike a virus but it does not have any instructions to email itself or pass itself on
5.Displays ads on your computer
6.Tke note of what you type into your computer
8.Acollection of tools that enable administrator-level access to a computer
9.Software that spies on you, often tracking your internet activities
10.A malicious program disguised as something benign, such as a screen saver
11.A virus is a man made computer program that infects a file or program on our computers
1.Inputs their own internet address in a web search
2.Open up your computer, providing a network connection for hackers
3.Takes over your computer's modem to transfer your information
4.Like a virus but it does not infect other program files on the computer
7.Takes advantage of a vulnerability in order to cause unwanted behavior

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