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The Periodic Table

Hal Pattenden

Test your knowledge of the periodic table with this iGCSE Chemistry crossword puzzle.

1 2
4 5    
  7 8                  
    10           11      
  14       15
16               17                  
19 20                        

3.A solid yellow element.
8.The name of group 6.
9.A liquid metal.
10.The name of group 0. (2 Words)
12.The simplest element.
16.Form of carbon found in pencils.
17.The name of group 5.
18.A solid non-metal element used as an antiseptic.
20.The name of group 1. (2 Words)
21.A brown liquid element.
1.The name of group 2. (3 Words)
2.The columns in the periodic table.
4.Form of carbon that sparkles.
5.A magnetic element which shares its name with an american coin.
6.A pale yellow gas used to make bleach.
7.Element used in light bulbs and welding.
11.The same element with different arrangements of the atoms in space.
12.The name of group 7.
13.The horizontal rows in the periodic table.
14.The father of the periodic table.
15.Different forms of the same element with varying numbers of neutrons in the nucleus.
19.A strong metallic element used in building.

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