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Fireworks Terms

Sr Adelaide

Term used for working in Fireworks.

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1.The attach to path command is located on what menu
6.the lasso tool you use to create your marquee by clicking the mouse as you go along
9.tool that creates paths in one motion
10.preset attributes, such as color and texture that you can apply to objects and text
14.computer monitors have resolution settings that refer to the number of__contained across the horizontal and vertical exes
15.adjusts the amount of space between adjacent letters
18.the two-dimensional curves in a vector object
19.you can resize and move objects by draggin these
20.the individual elements in a Fireworks document
2.this panel contains selection, drawing, and editing objects
3.the tool that creates a path one point at a time
4.these graphics retain thaeir appearance regardless of how you resize or skew them
5.command that allows you to combine two or more objects to make a single object
7.adjusting the transparency of an image or effect in a document
8.blends the edges of a stroke or text with surrounding pixels so that the edges appear to smooth into the background
11.when you select pixels on an image, fireworks creates a flashing perimeter, know as a_____,around the pixels
12.adjust the amount of space between lines of text
13.the command which creates an object consisting of the area that is common to all of the selected paths
16.consists of two or more colors that blend into each other in a fixed design
17.an open or closed vector consisting of a series of anchor points

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