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science vocabulary

Alexis Belton

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3.temperture at which air with a given amount of water vapor will reach saturation
5.when lighter warm air slides up over cold air, causing nimbostratus clouds to form and cause rain or snow
7.a boundary where different air masses meet but do not mix
11.when rate of evaporation and condensation are equal
12.form of water that falls tothe earth's surface
13.evaporation of water from trees and plants
14.amount of water vapor that is in the air
15.when cold air mass pushes into warm air mass cold air sinks and slides under warm air, causing cumulus and cumulonimbus clouds
1.compares the amount of water vapor that can be present at that temperture
2.a large volume of air in which temperture and humidity are nearly the same in different locations at the same latitudes
4.more water evaporates into the air than condenses back into water
6.water drained by rivers and streams
8.a wind that flows in the troposphere from west to east over vast distances and speeds greater than 200 kilometers, and 124 mph
9.liquid that changes into a gas
10.water vapor (gas) that changes into a liquid

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