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Chapter 2: Chemistry

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1.What does DNA stand for?
8.The most abundant protein in the body
9.Many plasma proteins act as these
13.The base in RNA that is different from the base in DNA
14.Another name for a simple sugar
18.Sucrose is this type of sugar
19.Buffers work in the _______________ and lungs
23.Conduct electrical currents through the body; found in gatorade
24.A heavy metal found in the body
25.The ion that is required to conduct electrical impulses
27.A long chain of simple sugars
2.What are DNA and RNA?
3.Enzymes work to _________________ activation energy in order to start a reaction
4.What does ATP stand for?
5.Salts are what type of compound?
6.Organic compounds must contain this element
7.Release OH- ions when dissociated in water
10.Structural level of proteins that is an a-helix or B-pleated sheet
11.What type of sugar is part of RNA?
12.Carbohydrates are stored in the liver as this
15.Has a pH range of 7.35-7.45
16.The base in DNA that is different from the base in RNA
17.Type of protein that is insoluble in water and very stable
20.Release H+ ions when dissociated in water
21.Structural level of proteins that is a simple amino acid sequence
22.Type of protein that plays a crucial role in immunity, growth and development
26.pH range of 0-6.99
28.the source of immediately usable energy in the body

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